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BEST storage combination for you to create the perfect logistics system, it is more important that we help you save money, will your logistics center into a profit center.

Update Time:2016-03-15 14:24:55

 Modern logistics storage system suitable for vehicles and cargo handling frequent production, warehousing logistics environment. Storage system design is that the entire warehouse is an important part of the design, the modern logistics storage system consists of shelf storage system, transportation system, loading system and related auxiliary equipment and control system. It effectively solves the problem of the logistics system operation function.
 Goods size, shape, material, temperature and time of delivery, transportation equipment and vehicle size and other factors are important factors of modern logistics operation efficiency. Based on the loading and unloading system planning and system configuration, will:
 The reduction of loading and unloading operations and the usage of forklift truck
 The vehicle loading and greatly shorten the waiting time, the highest high amounts to 50% above
 It greatly improves the working personnel and cargo security
 The overall enhancement of corporate image
 We can provide you with professional design and planning services, not all matters please contact our professional design engineers and consulting for unloading platform area design handbook."".
 According to the specific needs of customers, can be individually purchased unloading platform, can also be the and gate, handling canopy or letter as a complete cargo handling system configuration. Select the appropriate loading platform is a modern Park store system configuration core.
 Since the official joint product sales, has a vast number of users, including : UPS, dhL, ASUS computer, general electric, general motors, Ningbo Chengdu bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Honda, Volkswagen, Nippon Paint, Miller partners, ViewSonic display, Siemens, PhD, Makita tools, Bright Dairy, equine to hydraulic, Konka electronics, Shanghai radio, paper, paint, paint, Jordan Starr Warburg computer, Hangzhou tobacco, Kang Jie air transport, logistics, logistics, high-tech, Tupper dream mattress.
  BEST storage joint logistics equipment successfully passed the European ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, the company has a complete set of modern business, technology and customer service service system.
 BEST storage joint logistics equipment to high-quality products and services in the large group, the company and the industry in establishing a good corporate image.
 BEST storage people believe," professional to create a perfect", to help you create the perfect logistics system, will your logistics center into a profit center.

Basic Information
  • Company:
  • Jiangsu NOVA Logistics System Co., Ltd. 
  • Established:
  • 1997 Year
  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Street Add:
  • 9th Floor, Building 1, Zijinxicheng Center, No.118, Olympic St
Trade & Market
  • Main Market:
  • Mainland, Japan, North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Oceania, The globe
  • Nearest port for product export:
  • Nanjing, Shanghai
  • Delivery clauses under the trade mode:
  • Acceptable currency of payment:
  • CNY, U.S. dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen
  • Acceptable payment methods:
  • T/T, L/C, D/P D/A
  • Language ability:
  • 简体中文, English, Français, 日語, 繁體中文, العربية, Deutsch, Español, Português, Русский, český
  • Whether any overseas office is available:
  • No
  • Business turnover:
  • USD 50 - 100 million per year
  • export volume:
  • USD 7 - 10 million per year
  • Number of foreign trade department employees:
  • 6-10
  • Number of researchers:
  • 11-20
  • Number of quality inspectors:
  • Less than 5
  • Number of all the employees:
  • 100 - 500
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